About us

The Somali Media Mapping is a website developed by the African Union/United Nations. (AU/UN) that provides an interactive map, comprehensive listing and regular updates about the Somali media.

Besides providing a centralized and publicly available platform mapping all existing Somali media outlets – radio and television stations, print media (newspapers) as well as online media outlets (websites) – the objective of the Somali Media Mapping project is to advance the robust nature of the strong re-emergence of Somali media throughout South Central Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland.

By exposing and promoting these media outlets across Somalia, regionally as well as internationally, we seek to help relevant actors understand the landscape of Somali media and use this information in order to guide their engagement and approach with Somali media outlets.

The main sections of this website are the Interactive Map and Media Directory which list the different media outlets including their profiles, location and contact details.  We have also uploaded a PDF copy of the Media Mapping report which was built from the questionnaires the different media outlets have returned.

Users should be informed that the information presented in this website is a “work in process” rather than a “definitive” version. We acknowledge the difficulties attached to seeking definitive information as access to all geographical locations belies the ability for in person verification. The fluidity represented in the contemporary Somali media scene equally is a cause for difficulty as media outlets “pop” up or “fold” quite quickly due to fluid economic support. This work should be understood as an attempt which can be regularly revised and updated.

We aspire for this website to be as accurate and participatory as possible. We therefore welcome all constructive input that will help make this project a useful resource and space for dialogue for practitioners and general public alike.  Do not hesitate to take ownership of the website by sending us regular updates, corrections and information about media outlets, any comments or resource suggestions you may have.

Somali Media Mapping report