BBC Somali Service

HQs: London
Coverage: Mogadishu | Bosasso | Southern Galkacyo | Burao | London | Hargeisa
Facebook: Facebook | Twitter: @BBCSomali | Website:

Shortwave: 13 MHz 19MHz 49MHz
Transmitters: 91.0FM (Mogadishu) 96.9FM (Galkacyo) 88.2FM (Bosasso) 89.0FM (Hargeisa, Boromo) 88.8FM (Burao).

Relay via local radios:

  • 101.5 FM (relay via Radio Shabelle in Mogadishu)
  • 102.2 FM (non-official relay via Radio Risaala in Mogadishu)
  • 97.0 FM (relay via Star FM in Mogadishu)
  • 89.5 FM (relay via Radio Jowhar)
  • 96.9 FM (relay via Codka Mudug in southern Galkacyo)
  • 88.9FM (relay via Codka Nabadda/Voice of Peace in North Galkacyo)
  • 89.8 FM (non-official relay via Radio Garowe in Garowe)
  • 89.9 FM, 88.7 FM and 88.5 FM (relay via SBC Radio in Bosasso, Qardho and Garowe respectively)
  • 88.8 FM (non-official relay via Radio Dhuusamareeb in Dhuusamareeb) .

The BBC Somali Service FM station was founded in 1957 in London. Along with the VOA Somali Service, BBC Somali Service is the most popular and trusted radio station in Somalia. The AU/UN IST survey conducted in November 2012 across AMISOM 4 sectors found that of the sixteen radio stations pre-coded in the survey, BBC Somali Service was the most popular radio station in South/Central Somalia (“ever listened to”) and the most frequently listened to. 70% of respondents said they listened to the station least once a day.

In Somalia, the BBC broadcasts all BBC programs – Somali, English and Arabic – 24 hours a day. BBC Somali Service broadcasts for a total of three and a half hours per day at the following local times: 07.00-07.30; 14.00-14.30; 17.00-18.00; 21.00-21.30. It broadcasts international and local news, current affairs, phone-in programmes and programmes about business, sport and culture. The rest of the day it broadcasts BBC English and BBC Arabic programmes.

It broadcasts to Somali speakers throughout East Africa on shortwave and on FM via its own transmitters (in Mogadishu, Bosasso, Hargeisa, Boromo, Burao, Galckacyo) and via relay partnerships with local radio stations in Somalia.

The BBC used to broadcast to Mogadishu on 91.1 and 91.9 FM until its local transmitter was shut down by Al Shabaab in April 2010. It now broadcasts on 91.0FM. BBC Somali Service programmes are also relayed in the capital by the popular independent station Radio Shabelle on 101.5 FM, Radio Risaala on 102.2 FM and the Kenyan radio station Star FM on 97.0 FM. Other relay partners of the BBC Somali Service include (to name a few); Radio Jowhar in Jowhar / Radio Dhuusamareeb in Dhuusamareeb (Central Somalia) / Codka Mudug in southern Galkacyo / Voice of Peace, Radio Garowe and SBC in Puntland. Finally, the BBC Somali Service internet live broadcasts are widely listened to by the Somali diaspora in other parts of the world.

BBC Somali Service has two foreign correspondents inside Somalia. The current Editor of Somali BBC Service is Andres Elvis. It has replaced Yusuf Garaad Omar who quit the BBC to run for Presidency last August 2012.

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