Happy International Women’s Day!!


The beautiful, courageous and ambitious women of Somalia are a huge driving force behind the peace and stability process in the country; likewise they have also impacted the emerging media industry in Somalia distinctly; from front-line journalists, reporters, photographers to directors of all-female run media houses. Somali women have definitely made their stamp in this evolving industry.

Women have for a long time been inching towards media equality, Reported in the Women’s media center’s annual report the status of Women in TV, news, movies and even social media has had slow progression for women towards achieving equality. In Somalia however the progress is evident, women are seen alongside males in the forefront reporting stories, presenting radio & TV shows etc.

A small media house situated on the buzzing street of Makkah Al Mukarrahma in Mogadishu’s Hodan district, is the home to Aman radio, an all-female run radio station. Established in early 2012, the ideas and planning had been in the pipe line for over six years prior says Farhiya Farah Roble, the young inspiring director. Farhiya’s story isn’t only inspiring but shows the ambition and willpower of young Somali women today, with a bachelors and a Masters in international relations, Farhiya has not only made it her mission to be successful but also to help young girls follow their dreams and build successful careers for themselves.

The station covers a wide range of programs such as health & nutrition, issues regarding women, news & politics, on-radio cooking shows etc. The station currently has 25 female employees from all over Somalia. Aman radio also gives young girls in higher education training in journalism, photography and filmography.

This is just one in many situations where women have taken the step towards creating a voice for womenfolk in Somalia. In Somalia, women currently represent us in important professions such as our Khadija Mohamed Dirie and our Eng Nadiifo Mohamed Osman, whom are both strong inspirational women currently symbolizing us in ministries such as the Ministry of Women and Human rights and Ministry of General activities and rebuilding.

To our Naima adan who is the first lady to set up her own brick layering company in Mogadishu, to another ambitious entrepreneur Nasra Agil who set up the first dollar store in the capital also.

All these courageous women are role models for our young Somali girls growing up both in Somalia and in the Diaspora.
The Somali Media Mapping team wants to Thank all Somali Women around the world for their continuous hardworking beautiful gutsy spirits. We Appreciate YOU!

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