Bulsho TV

Bulsho TV (Terrestrial)

HQs: Hargeisa, Wooqoyi
Coverage: Burao

Facebook: Facebook | Website: www.bulshotv.net

Bulsho TV is a privately owned television station founded in 2009. The station has two media outlets located in Burao and Hargeisa. Bulsho TV began broadcasting in Burao in 2009 and later opened the Hargeisa branch in September 2011. Bulsho TV broadcasts to Somaliland from terrestrial transmitters in both towns.

It claims to be a community TV station that specializes in news, current affairs, public debates and education. The station also broadcasts programmes that raise awareness of controversial social issues, such as Female Genital Mutilation, HIV/AIDS and inter-clan disputes. The station has close links with the Shaqodoon youth training and livelihoods programme of the US NGO Educational Development Center (EDC).

Somali Media Mapping report