Codka Mudug

Codka Mudug 89.5FM

HQs: Southern Galkacyo

Coverage: Galkacyo & Surroundings

Radio Codka Mudug was founded in May 2008 and is privately owned. It is the leading radio in Southern Galkacyo. It has outlets in Galmudug, Galkayo and Radio Codka Mudug airs 16 hours a day (6.30-22:30) in Glakacyo and suburb areas.

The station covers Somalia with an emphasis on coverage of Galmudug state and is aligned with the administration of Galmudug (although it is privately owned). Its programming consist of news, entertainment, music, sports etc. The station also broadcasts weekly anti-piracy programs and relays BBC Somali Service and Radio Ergo programs.

It has 16 employees. Radio Codka Mudug receives training from Free Press International and gets income mainly from advertisement.

Somali Media Mapping report