Codka Nababbda (“Voice of Peace”)

Codka Nabadda  - Voice of Peace 88.9FM

HQs: Bosasso
Coverage: Galkacyo

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Radio Codka Nabadda was founded in January 2004 and is privately owned radio station located in Galkayo. The station is on air 15 hours a day (6:00-9:00 and 12:00-00:00) in Galkayo. Its programming consists of news, interviews, sports and music. It also relays BBC Somali Service. The station gets some funds from advertisement. It has 15 staff.

Codka Nabadda’s Bosasso branch, which used to broadcast at 95.0FM, was shut down and its equipment taken away by Puntland forces following an order by the Puntland administration (this came after the radio aired an interview with al Shabaab commander).

Codka Nabadda’s branch in Mogadishu was launched in March 2008 and used to broadcast at 98.8FM. However the radio’s guard was wounded in a bombardment that hit near the building in December 2008. The radio was later closed down on February 2012, after most of the staff members fled from Mogadishu due to insecurity.

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