Outlet NameRegionCityTypeProfile
DawanWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Three times a week)


[Governement newspaper]

Dawan is Somaliland State’s newspaper and was founded in 1994 by the government of Somaliland. It is a weekly newspaper that is published three times a week. It was previously called Maandeeq before former Minister of Information, Abdillahi, now Ministry of Fisheries, renamed the outlet Dawan in 2010 duri ng his term. The Director of Dawan is Sheikh Faysal Ali.

Geeska AfrikaWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Geeska Afrika


Geeska Afrika is aprinting outlet located in Central Hargeisa owned by a young journalist called Mohammed Hussein “Rambow”. This printing outlet was founded in 2006 and is perceived to be Somaliland’s second popular newspaper. It is a daily newspaper that is distributed six days a week.

HaatufWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)



Haatuf newspaper was founded in 2000 and is located in Hargeisa. Haatuf is published six days a week in Somali and is perceived to be pro-government.

Although Haatuf is often perceived to be close to the current (Kulmiye) government, others consider it to be unpredictable. The proprietor of Haatuf Media Network is an SNM veteran called Yousuf Abdi Gabobe.

HamarBanadirMogadishu (HQs)Newspaper (Weekly)

Hamar Newspaper

This privately owned printing outlet is located in KM4 Hodan District in Mogadishu. It was founded in 2003. It is a weekly newspaper and its publications consist of news, social affair and humanitarian matters. The newspaper is distributed in Mogadishu. It has 5 employees (2 trainees) and is a member of NUSOJ. The owner of Hamar Newspaper is Mohamed Mohamud Dhicisow.

HubaalWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)



[pro oppostion newspaper]

Hubaal is a daily opposition newspaper was founded in 2012. It is located and distributed in Hargeysa. On 24 April 2013, two gunmen attacked the headquarters of Hubaal News Network, injuring manager Mohamed Ahmed Jama, known as Aloley.

Bosasso (HQs)
Newspaper (Twice a week)

Ilays Newspaper


[Relatively pro-Puntland government]

Ilays newspaper is the largest newspaper in Puntland. It was founded in November 2008 and is located in Bosasso. This privately owned outlet is published twice a week (Monday and Thursday) and is distributed in Bosasso, Garowe and Galkacyo. It has 8 staff members across the three cities. Ilays newspaper gets income from advertisement and a small contribution from the Puntland government. Its publication includes pro-Puntland news, features, stories and job vacancies. The newspaper is member of NUSOJ and MAP. Its owner is Abdishakur Mire and the editor Omar Said Mohamed.

JamhuuriyaWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)


Website: (under construction)

[pro governement newspaper]

Jamhuuriya, located in Hargeysa, is the oldest and most popular printing media in Somaliland. It was founded in 1992 and is an independent newspaper (perceived by some to be a pro-government outlet). Jamhuuriya is published daily; six days a week in Somali Faisal Ali Sheikh, the current Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the other, Hassan said Yusuf, is Secretary General of the Kulmiye (ruling) party, is the co-owner of the newspaper.

Kaaha BariBari
Bosasso (HQs)
Newspaper (Daily)

Kaaha Bari Newspaper

Kaaha Bari was founded the 25 October 1991 and has its headquarters in Bosasso. Kaaha Bari is the oldest printing outlet in Puntland. It still prints newspapers using A4 sized paper. The newspaper is out six days a week, from Saturday to Thursday. It gets some income from advertisement. Its publications include news, features, stories and job vacancies. It has 12 staffs in Puntland’s three main cities and its owner and editor is called Prof Khalif Mohamed Barre.

Mogadishu TimesBanadirMogadishu (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Mogadishu Times


Mogadishu Times is a privately owned printing outlet that was founded in November 1996. The outlet is located in Shibis district;, Sanaa’ Mogadishu. The newspaper is published daily and is distributed in the Banadir region. It has 10 employees and a member of NUSOJ. It covers mostly news, political and social affairs. The owner is called Habibo Ahmed Jimale (Bibto).

OgaalWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Ogaal News


Ogaal was founded in 2005 in Hargeysa by brothers and local journalists; Muse and Abdiweli Farah Jambiir. The newspaper is considered to be moderate/balanced and fairly neutral. It is a daily newspaper published in Somali.

The RepublicanWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Weekly)

The Republican

The Republican is a sister newspaper of Jamhuuriya. It is published every Saturday in English.

Website: (under construction)

SaxafiWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Five times a week)



Saxafi is a newspaper that was founded in 2010 by the former staff writers of Haatuf newspaper Mohamed-Rashid Muhumed Farah (SOLJA Secretary), Abdifatah Mohamoud Aideed and Abdifatah Dheg Ahmed. It comes out five times a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

SaxansaxoWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Three times a week)



[pro-government newspaper]

Saxansaxo newspaper was founded in 2007. It is a pro-government weekly outlet published in Hargeysa, which comes out between three and four times a week. The newspaper is owned by the former speaker of Somaliland Presidency and the current Vice Minister of Information and Culture Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir “Cukuse”.

The Somaliland TimesWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Weekly)

The Somaliland Times is a sister publication of Haatuf.

Website: /

Somaliland TodayWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Somaliland Today


[pro-government newspaper]

The print version of Somaliland Today online outlet was launched recently (January 2013). Somaliland today is a privately owned outlet. The owner is called Munir Ahmed Igal. He is a former reporter of Hadhwanaag news who resided until recently in the UK. It is distributed daily in Hargeisa and is widely considered to be a pro-government outlet.

The HornWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Weekly)

The Horn


The Horn has a sister newspaper of Geeska Afrika. It is published once a week in English

WaheenWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

[Pro-opposition newspaper]


Waheen is daily pro opposition newspaper that was founded in 2007. This printing outlet is located in Hargeysa and is published six days a week in Somali. Waaheen Media Group is a pro-opposition daily that is very critical to the government. Waheen is owned by Dr. Ahmed Hussein Issa, the former foreign secretary of Kulmiye party and challenger of Silanyo during the last the presidential race. The editor is Mohamud Abdi Jama “Huuto”. Waaheen has a popular online radio service with links to BBC and VOA Somali service programmes on its website.

Xog-DoonBanadirMogadishu (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Xog Doon Newspaper

Xog Doon was founded in February 2012. It is a daily newspaper that is published in Hodan district ,Mogadishu six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. This newspaper’s publication consists of news,job vacancies, sports, politics and current affairs. The printing outlet is situated in K4 area. It has 5-10 employees and is a member of NUSOJ. The owner and Director of Xog Doon newspaper is called Abbas Ali Hasan. Mohamed Ahmed Siyad is the Chief Editor.

Xog OgaalBanadirMogadishu (HQs)Newspaper (Daily)

Xog Ogaal Newspaper

Xog Ogaal is a privately owned printing outlet that was founded in December 1993. It is based in Bakara Market in Mogadishu. Xog Ogaal is published six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. It focuses on news, features, job vacancies and sports. As one of the oldest printing outlet, Xog Ogaal still maintains its old version of printing (A3 format). Is has 6 employees and is a member of NUSOJ. Most of the newspaper’s expenses are dependent on job advertisement from local and international NGOs. The owner is Mohamed Adan Guleed.

XushmoBanadirMogadishu (HQs)Newspaper (Monthly)

Xushmo Newspaper

Xushmo was founded in January 2010 and is a privately owned printing outlet located in Hodan district in Mogadishu. This newspaper mainly focuses in humanitarian and human rights news. The newspaper is published monthly and is distributed in Mogadishu. It has 10 employees (8 trainees/volunteers) and is a member of NUSOJ. The chairperson of the newspaper is called Eng. Sidow Hassan Mahdi.

YoolWooqoyi GalbeedHargeysa (HQs)Newspaper (Three times a week)


Yool is a pro-opposition newspaper which was launched in 2008 and comes out in Hargeysa three times a week. It is owned by former editor of Jamhuuriya, Mohamed Abdi Urad.

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