Radio Al Hikma

Radio Al Hikma

HQs: Bosasso (HQs)

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Radio Al Hikma is a privately owned station founded in 2006. It has Saventeen transmitters located in Bosasso, Qardho, Carmo, Ufayn iyo Waaciye (Bari region), Garowe, Burtinle and Godob Jiiraan (Nugal region), Galdogog, Galkayo, Buur Saalax, Xarfo, Bacaad wayn and Salax (Mudug region), Dhahar and Xiin Galool (Sanag Region), with its headquarters located in Bosasso.

Radio Al Hikma broadcasts 18 hours/day with a different transmitter in each town). It has three staffs in each of these cities (except in Galdogob and Burtinle where there is only one person).

Radio al Hikma does not employ female journalists. Radio Al Hikma does not broadcasts news music and entertainment. Its programming focuses on religious programmes, Quran, Islamic nasheed and social affairs. The station is mainly funded by a religious organization in Puntland called ‘Al Ictisaam’.

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