Radio Andalus

Radio Andalus (Al shabaab Radio)

Frequencies: Jilib 88.0FM


Radio Andalus Jilib (Middle Jubba region) is the second biggest station of Al Shabaab. Formerly located in Kismayo, the station was relocated to Jilib after KDF forces, Somali National Army and Ras Kamboni militia took over Kismayo town.

The station started up using FM transmitters looted in September 2012 from former Hornafrik radio (a privately owned radio in Kismayo).  It now airs 18 hours a day in Jilib area.

The station’s programming consists of Al Shabaab propaganda, jihadi nasheeds (with one program in Arabic on Fridays).

The station has 5-10 staff members.

  • jabir saleh

    Alhamdulillah may Allah(s.w.a) reward them with shahada.

    • MkenyaHalisi

      Why? What for? The blind allegiance to ugus is sickening, ugus kils more muslims in Somalia and here you are praising and wishing them well. Your kind drags islam through mud

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