Radio Bar Kulan

Frequencies: 92.0FM (Mogadishu, Baidoa, Kismayo, Beledweyne) / 89.5FM (Bosasso – via One Nation Radio) / Thaicom 5 Satellite (24/7)

HQs: Nairobi/Mogadishu | Twitter: @Barkulanradio | Facebook: Facebook


Radio Bar-Kulan was established in 2009 and began transmissions on 1st March 2010, under a UN contract.In 2012 the station became independent from the UN and since then has operated a public service on behalf of its Somali audience, financed by bi-lateral donation. This has allowed it to maintain independence from any political, commercial or ideological interests and provide a truly independent service.

RBK broadcasts news, information, sport, music, development and didactic programmes and drama. Its journalists are based in Somalia, Nairobi and other strategic locations around the world that are important to the Somali population. The production centre (currently in Nairobi) operates a state of the art radio broadcast system in a purpose built production and transmission facility. The planned move to Mogadishu has been postponed pending re-organisation and additional funding.

RBK is intended to continue to provide high quality public oriented broadcasting until the legal framework is established in Somalia that will protect and sustain a national Somali Public Broadcast (PSB) network. The assets and on-going operation of RBK will then become part of the national PSB.

RBK is managed by the Bar Kulan Trust, a Somali, non-profit media development organisation which provides consultation and expertise to the station and manages other media development initiatives. An independent fiduciary agent delivers financial and managerial oversight, giving confidence to donors and media organisations that support the radio station and the initiatives of the trust.

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