Radio Daljir

Frequency: 88.8FM (Bosasso), 88FM(Qardho), 88.0FM (Garowe), 88.0FM (Cabudwaq/Xeerale), 89.1FM (Galkacyo), 88.80FM (Buhoodle).

HQs: Caabudwaq
Coverage: Bosasso/Qardho

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Radio Daljir is a privately owned station that was founded in 2005. The station’s headquarters is in Bosasso and also has a studio in Garowe. The station has FM transmitters in Bosasso, Garowe, Galkacyo, Qardho, Cabudwaq/Xeraale and Buhoodle. Radio Daljir broadcasts in all of Puntland as a result and is on air 15 hours a day; 6:00-9:00 and 12:00-23:00.

Its programming consists of news, interviews, sports and music as well as an emphasis put on politics and women issues. The station also relays VOA programmes. It employs 56 staff members overall and is a member of NUSOJ and MAP.

Two journalists, Farah Jeemis (2012) and Abdulahi Gehdi (2010) were killed in Galkacyo by unknown assailants. The director of Radio Daljir Garowe, Abdifatah Gehdi escaped an assassination attempt in Puntland on 2nd August 2012.

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