Radio Ergo

Radio Ergo 13,885 KHz (One hour per day shortwave transmission)

HQs: Nairobi
Coverage: International | Facebook: Facebook | Twitter: @RadioErgo

Radio Ergo was formerly known as IRIN radio until a Danish media development organisation – International Media Support (IMS) – took ownership from the United Nation Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) in July 2011 and renamed the station Radio Ergo. The station solely broadcast news and humanitarian programmes. The station is located in Nairobi and broadcasts to Somalia one hour per day between 11:30 and 12:30 via shortwave. The stations programmes are also relayed by local Somali radio stations such as Radio Kulmiye, Radio Xurmo, Star FM, Radio Dalsan, Radio Kulmiye, Radio Mustaqbal, Radio Iftin, Radio Kasmo and Radio Daljir in Mogadishu; Radio Galgadud and radio Guriceel in Guriceel; Radio Abudwaq/Codka Galgaduud, Radio Codka Gobolada Dhexe and Radio Codka Mudug in Central Somalia. Radio Ergo also broadcasts over the internet via its website.

On 21 February 2013 Radio Ergo was the target of an action taken by the Puntland Ministry of Information in seeking to prevent Puntland radio stations from broadcasting programming produced by Radio Ergo, Bar Kulan, and Radio Hirad. In response to this decree, 13 Somali radios stations (among which Puntland-based Codka Nabadda and Radio Daljir) produced an open letter on 18 March 2013 rejecting the decision of the Puntland authorities and affirming that they would continue airing Radio Ergo.

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