Radio Galgaduud

Radio Galgaduud 97.7FM

HQs: Guriceel
Coverage: Guriceel


Radio Galgaduud is a privately owned station based in Guriceel (Galguduud region). It was founded in September 2011.

It broadcasts in the region of Galgaduud specially Guriceel and Dhusomareeb. It is on air for 14 hours a day and its programming consists of news, sports, music and programmes on political and social affairs. It also relays programmes from radio Ergo and VOA Somali Service (unofficially) and HIRAD.

The station has 17 staff. It receives training from Free Press Unlimited and is a member of the NETWORK 2013.

It is mainly dependent on incomes from advertisements.

The Station has recently launched a branch station in Dhusomareeb that it relays programmes from the main branch in Guriceel in addition to several hours of its own programmes that are targeted towards the local community.

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