Radio Gaalkacyo

Radio Gaalkacyo 88.2FM

Coverage: Galkacyo

The station was founded in August 1993 and is a community radio owned by Gaalkacyo residents (the Director of the station is Awil Mohamud Abdi). As one of the oldest radio stations in Galkayo, Radio Gaalkacyo has changed its shortwave transmitter to a FM transmitter. Its programming includes news, entertainment, music, sports, health and education programmes and is on air 12 hours a day.

The station has 16 staffs (including guards) . It gets some income from advertisement and contributions from the diaspora.

In September 2012 a reporter Ali of Radio Gaalkacyo, Ahmed Abdi, was killed in Galkacyo. Xoriyo Abdulkadir, a female producer for the Radio was seriously wounded in November 2011 and later fled to Nairobi.

The station relays BBC and HIRAD

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