Radio Kasmo

Radio Kasmo 89.1FM

HQs: Mogadishu
Coverage: Mogadishu

Radio Kasmo was founded on the 1st of January 2013 in the capital of Somalia Mogadishu. It was officially launched in Mogadishu during the international Women’s day which was celebrated on the 8th of March 2013.

Its mandate was women issue including human rights abuses, but now it becomes mainstream radio station focusing on all aspects of the society like news, political debates etc.

The radio station broadcasts from 06:30am to 10am morning session and 12:30pm to 11:00pm every day. The station is the ‘first independent community radio station’ which is managed and run by the women’s NGO, women for Relief and Development Actions (WARDA). The establishment of this community radio is sponsored by UNESCO’s International Programme for the development of Communication (IPDC), which is the only multilateral forum in the UN systems, designed to mobilize the international community to discuss and promote media development in developing countries.

Somali Media Mapping report