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Radio Kismayo 90.0 FM

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Radio Kismayo is a radio station founded in January 2013 and owned by the government. Radio Kismayo broadcasts on the same frequency (90.0FM) than Radio Muqdisho. The radio transmitter was provided the Ministry of Information. The station was set to broadcast 15 hours a day; 6:00-10:00 and 12:00-23:00. Its programmes were mainly news as well as programmes focused on youth, peace, sports and women affairs.

It has 15 staff members (4 female), paid for the Ministry of Information. All Radio Kismayo staff members were newly recruited, mostly exile journalists returning from Nairobi and some from Mogadishu.

The station was initially meant to broadcasted both its own content and re-broadcasted (from satellite) daily programs of Radio Muqdisho, however, due to developments on the ground, Radio Kismayo now solely broadcasts its own programming – it does not relay Radio Muqdishu anymore – and the management of the radio has reportedly been replaced by the local authorities.

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