Radio Kulmiye

Radio Kulmiye 88.0 FM

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Radio Kulmiye is a privately owned station that was founded in February 2011 by Osman Abdullahi Guure, a well-known poet who used to be the director of Shabelle Radio and Abdirahman Al Adala, the former deputy director of Somali National TV. The station is based in Hamarweyne district, Mogadishu. It broadcasts in Mogadishu, Middle and Lower Shabelle region and is on air 15 hours a day; 6:00-9:00 and 12:00-00:00. Its programming consists of news, poems, sports, music and programmes on culture, peace, religion and human rights. The station works in partnership with Free Press Unlimited (media training) and relays programmes from VOA, Radio Ergo.

It has 56 employees (including Eleven women) and is a member of Network 2013, and has good relation with NUSOJ.

Its broadcasts are streamed live on the internet and the radio station’s website offers written news in Somali and English. The station has attracted a substantial audience because of its reputation for reliability and balance. The AU/UN IST survey conducted in Oct/Nov 2013 across AMISOM 4 sectors found that on average Radio Kulmiye was the seventh and eight most listened to radio and the sixth most trustworthy (about 27% trustworthiness) across 4 sectors. Radio Kulmiye listenership slightly dropped this past year. The AU/UN IST survey conducted in November 2012 across AMISOM 4 sectors found that of the sixteen radio stations pre-coded in the survey, Radio Kulmiye was the sixth most popular radio station in South/Central Somalia (“ever listened to”) and the fifth most frequently listened to.

Two of Radio Kulmiye staff members were wounded. In April 2012 the reporter Ahmed Ali Kahiye was wounded during the suicide explosion at the National theatre. In September 2012, another reporter, Abdullahi Sultan, was seriously injured during the suicide attack at the Village restaurant.

Somali Media Mapping report