Radio Maanta

Radio Maanta 95.5FM

HQs: Mogadishu
Coverage: Mogadishu | Facebook: Facebook

Radio Maanta is a privately owned radio station that was founded in early 2012. The station is owned by one of Somalia’s Member of Parliament (and famous businessman) Addow Ali Gees.

This media outlet is located in Baar Ayaan, near the Mogadishu Stadium, from where it broadcasts news and entertainment programmes in Mogadishu. The radio is on air 13 hours a day; 6:00-9:00 and 12:00-22:00.

It employs 15 staffs and is a member of SIMHA and most of his staff s are member of NUSOJ. Radio Maanta gets its revenues from advertisements and also gets some funds from the owner.

The radio relays radio HIRAD.

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