Radio Shabelle

Radio Shabelle 101.5FM

HQs: Mogadishu
Coverage: Mogadishu
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Radio Shabelle is a privately owned radio station which was founded in May 2002 in Marka and later moved to Mogadishu in September 2003. It is currently and based in Waberi district, Mogadishu. It forms part of the privately-owned Shabelle Media Network which also owns an internet TV service and a well-respected news website. Radio Shabelle broadcasts in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle region for 15 hours a day; 6:00-9:00 and 12:00-23:00. The station broadcasts news and entertainment programmes in Somali, English and Arabic, as well as political debates. It also rebroadcasts few BBC Somali Service programs. The station is a member of NUSOJ and currently has between 25 and 35 staff members (3 trainees) which include Shabelle Radio, Shabelle TV and SKY FM. Most of the station’s income comes from advertisement as well as training funds from National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

AU/UN IST survey conducted in Oct/Nov 2013 across AMISOM 4 sectors found that on average Radio Shabelle was the fifth most listened to radio (19% listenership daily) and also the fifth most trustworthy (about 29% trustworthiness) across 4 sectors. The AU/UN IST survey conducted in November 2012 across AMISOM 4 sectors found that of the sixteen radio stations pre-coded in the survey, Radio Shabelle was the fifth most popular radio station in South/Central Somalia (“ever listened to”) and the second most frequently listened to.

Radio Shabelle has been the most vulnerable outlet to assassinations targeting Somali journalists. Seven staff members of Radio Shabelle were killed and wounded in different instances. In 2007, the radio director Mukhtar Hirabe was killed in Bakara market, and the same year another Director, Bashir Gedi, was killed. In February 2012, the radio Director Hassan Fantastic was shot dead in Mogadishu. Ahmed Addow Anshur, Hassan Mayow, Mahad Jarmal and Mohamed Tuuryare were also assassinated in Mogadishu, Beledweyn and Afgooye. In September 2012 Shabelle radio editor Muhyidin Husni escaped assassination attempt by unknown people in Mogadishu after he sustained minor injuries.

Somali Media Mapping report