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Radio Xurmo 96.0FM

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[This community radio focuses on humanitarian issues/news]

Radio Xurmo was founded in 2006. It is the only community radio station in Waberi district, Mogadishu that focuses on humanitarian issues. It is owned by local NGO (INXA) and civil society groups. It receives funds both from advertisement and from INXA NGO. The station airs 13 hours a day; 6:00-9:00 and 12:00-22:00.

Radio Xurmo’s programming focuses on humanitarian news. The radio relays the daily one-hour broadcast of Radio Ergo and Radio HIRAD It is a member of NETWORK 2013 and has 16 staff members.

In August 2010, former radio Xurmo Director Barkhad Cawaale Aadan was killed after a stray bullet hit him in the radio station.

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