Risaala Radio

Risaala Radio 102.2 FM

HQs: Mogadishu
Coverage: Mogadishu
Website: www.risaala.net | Facebook: Facebook

Risaala Radio was founded in April 2011  and is privately owned in Hamar jajab district in Mogadishu. It broadcasts only in Mogadishu where its outlet is based and is on air for 17 hours a day; 6:00-23:00.

Until recently, Risaala Radio used to have live streaming capacity on its website, which allowed people in the Diaspora to listen to the radio.

Its programmes include news, education, social affairs, sports, music and business. It also unofficially relays some BBC programmes in order to attract audience.

The station has 21 employees (3 trainees) and is a member of NETWORK 2013. Free Press International, a Dutch press freedom organization supports the station with training of its reporters.

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