Somali Broadcasting Corporation

Somali Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)

Frequency:  89.9FM (Bosasso) 88.5FM (Garowe) 89.9FM (Qardho)
HQs: Bosasso
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SBC was the first independent radio station to be established in June 2001 in Puntland after the fall of Siad Barre government. It has studios in Bosasso, Qardho and Garowe with Bosasso as its headquarters. The station is on air for 15 hours a day in Puntland’s 3 regions; Bari, Karkaar and Nugal. Its programming includes news, sports, educational and gender programmes as well as peace and human rights programmes.

In 2001 SBC obtained a staff training and equipment rehabilitation contract with the BBC Somali Service in exchange to broadcast their transmission. It receives income from adverts and a small fund from the BBC. Radio Daljir relays BBC Somali Services programmes as part as their official partnership.

The station has 15 staff in Bosasso, 16 in Garowe and 2 in Qardho. SBC has also a local TV that operates in Garowe.

In 2002 the station was shut down by Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed, the then Puntland President. The owner of the radio was a close ally of Jama Ali Jama who was elected President of Puntland succeeding Abdulahi Yusuf, but after months of fighting Jama was ousted by Yusuf’s militia. The station reopened in 2003 after the two warring parties signed a peace agreement.

Ahmed Hassan Mahad, a SBC radio reporter in Jowhar was killed in 16 May 2007 with his colleague Abshir Ali Gabre, who was a reporter working for Radio Jowhar.

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