Somali Channel TV

Somali Channel TV

HQs: London
Coverage: International (via Satellite and live webstream)
Facebook:Facebook | Twitter: @somalichannel | Youtube

Somali Channel TV was founded in March 2010 and is based in London but also has a second station in Hamarweyne in Mogadishu. The station programmes mainly include news, interactive political debates/talk show and programmes on Islamic issues and social affairs.

It is on air 24 hours, seven days a week a week and broadcasts internationally (via satellite). Somali Channel’s TV programmes are also streamed live through the website. Somali Channel also uploads most of its video content to its You Tube channel.

The channel has reporters throughout Somalia, but it was banned from operating in Puntland in November 2011 (it is now back on air in Puntland). The TV station employs about 80/100 people (15 are in the Mogadishu office). Three employees of Somali Channel TV have been wounded. One of them, Hamdi Abdullahi was among the journalists wounded in the Theater suicide bombing in April 2012.

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