Star FM

Frequencies: Mogadishu 105.9 FM,Guriceel 89.5FM,Bulla Hawa/Dolow 92.5FM, Elwak 89.9FM, Dhobley 89.5FM, Afmadow 89.5FM, Kismayo 89.5FM, Jowhar 97.0FM, Marka 97.0FM, Beledweyne 88.5FM, Dhusamareeb 89.5Fm, Galkacyo 88.5FM,Abudwaaq89.5 FMBosasso88.5FM.

HQs : Nairobi

Coverage : Mogadishu,Guriceel,Bulla Hawa/Dolow, Elwak, Dhobley, Afmadow, Kismayo, Jowhar, Marka, Beledweyne, Dhusamareeb, Galkacyo, Abud waaq and Bosasso.

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Star FM is the leading Somali-language radio station in Kenya. It was founded in October 2010 and is privately owned by North-Eastern Media and Telecommunications Ltd, which is based in Garissa. The station’s headquarters are based in Nairobi, but it has relay stations in Garissa, Dadaab, Wajir, Madogo in the Tana River valley and Mandera in the far northeast of Kenya.
In Somalia, Star FM also has an FM station in Mogadishu (established in July 2012), located in Wadajir district, which broadcasts on 97.0 FM). It also has transmitters in Guriceel (89.5FM), Bulla Hawa/Dolow (92.5FM), El wak (89.5FM), Dhobley (89.5FM), Afmadow (89.5FM) ,Kismayo (89.5FM), Jowhar (97.0FM), Marka (97.0FM), Dhusamareeb (89.5FM), Beledweyne (88.5), Abud Waq (89.5FM), Bosasso (88.5FM) and Galkacyo (88.5FM).

In order to allow for a more Somali focused programming, the Star FM Mogadishu branch has its own local programming and it is also planned for the stations based in Somalia to have local programming (with relay from Mogadishu, not Nairobi). Star FM programming consists of news, entertainment, political, business, sports and humanitarian programs. The station rebroadcasts programmes of the BBC and VOA Somali Service as well as Radio Ergo, and it is member of NETWORK 2013.

Star FM has 35 employees in Mogadishu overall (including 7 staff in Mogadishu; 5 journalists, 1 technician and 1 civil society coordinator). The station obtains its funds through advertisements as well as owners’ contribution.

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