Universal TV

Frequency: 3640/27500 Thaicom 5
HQs: London
Website:www.universaltv | Facebook:Facebook.com | Twitter: @UniversalSomali

Universal TV is a privately owned TV station that was founded in London in January 2005. It was the first Somali satellite television station to go on air and is probably the most popular, well-known and respected Somali language TV station. Its headquarters is situated in London, with another main office in Mogadishu (and another one in Djibouti).

It programming includes news, political programmes, music, and entertainment, cultural as well as peacebuilding programmes. It airs 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to Somali speakers throughout the world. Its programmes can be viewed internationally via its website as well as on satellite TV. The stations employs 50 person overall (including 6 staff members in Mogadishu).

Universal has an extensive network of reporters in Somalia and around the world. It also airs numerous advertisements for the service industry, including remittance agencies, airlines, import/export companies and other international businesses, inside and outside Somalia. Universal TV owner, based in London, is called Ahmed Abubakar. The TV station is perceived to be rather neutral.

On July 2012, a reporter for Universal TV, Abdukadir Abdulle was seriously wounded in Mogadishu. On 31 July 2012, a comedian who was working for both Universal TV and Radio Kulmiye, Abdi Malaaq Marshaale, was killed in Mogadishu.

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